Course Reflections

Which of our three goals do you feel you have improved upon the most?
I feel as though I have improved in each area somewhat since the beginning of the year. I do read faster and can comprehend what I'm reading at a higher speed than I used to. I also think I write better although I have never considered myself a good writer and still don't. However I think that I improved the most in my speaking and listening skills. I am not a good public speaker at all however I think I can speak in front of people now without being quite as nervous as I used to be. I have always been a pretty good listener and don't think that this skill has improved too much over the semester.

How has this course helped me to become a more caring, competent, contributing citizen in an ever-changing global community?

The little things like putting carts away or picking up trash on the floor that were taught helps everyone in the class more caring and contributing citizens. All of the literature and grammer we learned helps us all be competent.

What will you take away from this class? What will you remember?
All the books we read will really stay with me. My favorite book and the book that will stay with me the most would be Night. We spent a lot of time on it and I feel like it taught me a lot about not only the Holocaust, but also about human rights abuse in general. My other favorite book, even though we did not spend much time on it would be Tuesdays with Morrie. I really like the lesson it has to teach and would like to learn how to apply it to my own life.

Self Evaluation

Did you achieve your personal goals for this course?
My goal during this course was to remain caught up and to get an A in the class overall. I did complete my goal for the first marking period however I am not sure if i quite made it in the second marking period. Another goal of mine was to increase my interest in reading for pleasure and this goal was defiantly accomplished.

Did you give your personal best?

I gave all the time and effort I could given the circumstances. I had another very difficult honors class this semester and could not give all my effort to this class. When I had to choose between working for one class or the other, the other always one because of its difficulty. I did work as hard as I could given the circumstances, however I could have done better if I didn't have so much other work to do.

What could you do to improve your performance?
If I had rearranged my priorities then I could have done better in the class. If I had rearranged my priorities, however, I would have done worse in my other hard class.