20 Favorite Vocabulary Words
Deft - (adj.) skillful, nimble
The deft young boy climbed up the wall using the indents between the bricks as footholds.

Facile - (adj.) easily done or attained, superficial; ready, fluent; easily shown but not sincerely felt
The programmer was so facile in the programming language that he could type it at the speed I can type in English.

Plod - (v.) to walk heavily or slowly; to work slowly
I plodded through the snow for two hours after the huge blizzard to get to the store.

Uncanny - (adj.) strange, mysterious, weird, beyond explanation
He had an uncanny talent of guessing how many fingers I was holding up.

Venial - (adj.) easily excused; pardonable
The fact that our senior prank of placing the principle's car on the roof was not venial was evident when he called the police.

Skulk - (v.) to move about stealthily; to lie in hiding
The ninja skulked around the perimeter of the estate before giving up and ringing the doorbell.

Delete - (v.) to erase, wipe out, cut out
After realizing I made a mistake I was forced to delete my entire essay.

Urbane - (adj.) refined in manner or style, suave
The hick was by no means urbane however did have a way about him which some found charming.

Muse - (v.) to think about in a dreamy way, ponder
I sat under the tree and mused about my currently happy life.

Negligible - (adj.) so unimportant that it can be disregarded
I mumbled something under my breath which my friend did not hear, after asking me to repeat it i decided it was negligible and didn't repeat it.

Omniscient - (adj.) knowing everything; having unlimited awareness or understanding
The omniscient narrator of the book made the reader aware of the fact that there was someone hiding in the closet even though the character in the book was clueless.

Finite - (adj.) having limits; lasting for a limited time
Knowing I had a busy day I drank and energy drink, after a few minutes I realized that the newfound energy was finite when I started to feel sleepy.

Esteem - (v.) to regard highly; (n.) a highly favorable opinion or judgment
After I saw his amazing talent show act I esteemed him in a new way.

Nonchalant - (adj.) cool and confident, unconcerned
It seems like every action hero walks nonchalantly away from explosions in the background.

Supercilious - (adj.) proud and contemptuous; showing scorn because of a feeling of superiority
The supercilious cheerleader walked down the hallway with her chin high and expecting everyone to move for her.

Repose - (v.) to rest; lie; place; (n.) relaxation, peace of mind, calmness
I was so tired after school I just had to collapse into a repose once I got home.

Unfeigned - (adj.) sincere, real, without pretense
I could tell her apology was unfeigned when a single tear started to form in the corner of her eye.

Remiss - (adj.) neglectful in performance of one's duty, careless
The hostess was remiss in her job because she was busy checking her phone for missed calls under the desk.

Ironic - (adj.) suggesting an incongruity between what might be expected and what actually happens; given to irony, sarcastic
It was somewhat ironic that a man who was overweight was talking to us about childhood obesity.

Pinnacle - (n.) a high peak or point
The party was obviously a fail when the pinnacle of the party included three people and a two liter of soda.

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