Dawn, by Elie Wiesel, is the story of a Jew out of the Holocaust and his life after his horrible experiences in the concentration camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald. After the Holocaust, in which he lost his entire family, he moved to Paris where he was contacted by Gad. Gad represented the Movement, which was a band of Jews fighting the English to keep Palestine "the holy land." This is where the story picks up. All this is learned over the course of the book, which is actually the course of the night before Elisha has to execute a man. David ben Moshe was a Jew hero, and was captured by the English. He was to be executed at dawn, when all executions occur. In retaliation to his capture, the Movement captured Officer John Dawson and threatened to kill him if David was hurt. Dawson's execution was Elisha's responsibility. Elisha is haunted by the ghosts of everyone who had influence in who he was that day. He was aware of the fact that in murdering Dawson, he was making everyone who had impact on his life a murderer also. Struggling to find justification for the heinous act he was to do, Elisha talkes to Dawson, searching for some reason to hate the man. In doing this, Elisha realizes that the passion, when it comes to war, has to be driven by hate. Elisha did not hate John Dawson, the only reason he could fabricate was that Dawson's existence made Elisha a killer, a murderer. However even this reason did not cause Elisha to hate the man who he was to kill. This night was perhaps the longest night of Elisha's life, where much is uncovered about his life, a lot is also uncovered about the basis of hate in one's life and how it can be a driving force for one to commit even the most horrid of acts.

Character Descriptions
Elisha - Elisha was based off of Elie Wiesel himself. He was in the concentration camps Auschwitz and Buchenwald. He was then offered the opportunity to live at a camp in Normandy with other orphans from the Holocaust. He was sixteen so he decided to move to Paris by himself. He lived there for a little longer than a year, trying to learn the language and learn more about phycology. Elisha was highly interested in phycology because he wanted to know about how the things he experienced impacted him. He was eighteen when Gad found him and still eighteen when the book took place. He is a very conscientious man, however decides that what is best for the Movement is best for him while trying to make this tough decision.

Gad - Gad is not described much in the book. Most of the book is about Elisha's internal struggles. However it is known that Gad is the director of their "terrorist operations." He is tall, and wears a trench coat often. When Elisha first met him he did not sit, and Elisha believed that he was sent by God, for someone sent by God never sits to simbolize the connection between God and Earth.

I really like Elie's writing style in general. I have also read Night by him and love both books. I am very interested in reading more from him because of these two books. I also really like deep books and this book is very psycho-analytical. It makes you think of things in a different way then you normally do. There was nothing I personally disliked about this book, however it can be very descriptive about things that some people may find offensive. The characters also swear occasionally which might bother some people.

What can we learn from reading this book?
This book can teach anyone about the workings of the inner mind when dealing with hate. Elisha goes through a lot the night described and thinks about people in his life, his background, and how hatred has great influence on how wars are fought. Indirectly it also shows how traumatic the Holocaust was for those involved and how those experiences lingered with them for the rest of their lives.